Data Visualization, The Health of Your Company

Data Visualization, The Health of Your Company

You are in a company meeting where team leaders are rendering an account of quarterly stats. The team leader currently speaking is explaining the stats, numbers, or data using a spreadsheet. These meetings can be ineffective and feel as if they last a lifetime.

¬†“A picture is worth ten thousand words”

In movies with a hospital scene, we’ve seen someone in the hospital who’s heart monitor has flat-lined. You see a line graph that was showing a pulse go flat and you hear a constant beeping sound. You know, within seconds, that the person has passed away.

The heart monitor measures pulse in the form of a graph. Graphs show the relation between variable quantities. It is much easier to read a graph than a list of numbers categorized by time and rate.

While it may take you hours to read a thousand words, you can conceptualize a series of events that took place, in a matter of seconds by reading a graph.

Read graphs not words.

Understanding your company health is essential to your peace of mind and to the decision-making process when projecting how you will move forward.

From employee turn around to job material expenses, Plena Data can create a report that will help you understand any metric you have in mind.


  • How often are you hiring?
  • How much did you spend to complete your last project?
  • How often are you running out of inventory?
  • How much did closing that sale cost you?

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