Data Integration


A business is more than a sum of its individual departments. Or it should be.

When Finance talks to HR and Marketing talks to IT a beautiful harmony can ensue.

It takes 9 guys to win a baseball game. 11 to win at football.  And in business it takes the complete effort and focus of each department within an organization.    

Managers sometimes unite people and departments through team-building activities and meetings. They set up communication between departments and occasionally appoint liaisons.  Bosses usually think that if departments are happy with each other then all is well.  But if they don’t seek further synergy, they are leaving revenue on the table.

Each department in a company collects and processes copious amounts of data.  82% of companies in the United States and Canada admit that departments don’t share data with each other.  But it’s not that they refuse cross departmental collaboration, nor is it that they forget – they simply can’t. Their separate software programs don’t communicate with each other, and this costs upwards of billions in revenue each fiscal year.

Imagine the synergy that would be achieved from a perfectly unified and integrated company – a company where all software systems and databases talk to each other.

Plena Data pioneers a new way of using ETL tools to get your data talking. Linking Quickbooks and Hubspot to your Salesforce and Amazon data is now possible.  Obviously that’s only the beginning.  Give the Plena Data team a call – 385.528.9381.  You’d be surprised how easy it is to get started.