Clean Data

Life’s dirty.  And your data is probably dirty too. Whether examining the mud on the bottom of your shoes or the ill-structured database hampering your business, it’s time to clean house.


Dirty data is useless – and your company’s data gets dirty on the daily. Oftentimes consumers fail to update personal information and sometimes third party vendors provide you with faulty data that has not been thoroughly checked. In other instances, departments within the same company neglect to share and integrate data with other departments, leaving customer profiles incomplete and inaccurate. And with hundreds of millions of people changing jobs, addresses, and wives every year, it’s easy to see how data gets dirty.


Every day on planet earth, more than 1 Exabyte of data is created. With photos, videos, text messages, documents, and purchase orders, humans create and will continue to produce data on an exponential curve. Managers and business owners who are able to collect, organize, and clean customer data will provide more value and produce greater revenues than less versatile competitors.

By using clean data, managers can track customer purchase patterns and link marketing campaigns to sales. Clean data can also help department heads identify pricing strategies and products that generate the greatest revenue. Companies who pursue clean and well-structured data tend to stay ahead of the curve and avoid the costly waste of analyzing dirty data.


When a developer or manager needs to access or analyze data, they usually have to connect with information housed in a database. One of the most effective methods of interacting with big data is to use a tool developers call ETL. The acronym stands for Extract Transform Load and can be thought of as pipeline transporting raw data.


Keen software developers use the ETL process to clean and deduplicate data. They structure the pipeline to filter invalid and inaccurate data, among other things. Building the perfect ETL pipeline can increase revenues when the pipes secondary purpose is to make dirty data clean.


Plena Data developers have perfected the data cleaning process.  And because they are efficient and cost effective, there’s a good chance you’ll want them as your personal data infrastructure consultant. Operating a company above clean and well-structured data provides managers with cost-saving and scaleable advantages in an ever increasing competitive market. Get in touch with a Plena Data consultant to explore how clean data can help your bottom line. Email them at