Cash App for Quickbooks

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A Crystal Ball into your Cash Forecast!

Cash App enables you to intelligently forecast and budget your cash like never before. It syncs directly with QuickBooks Online and eliminates the hassle of building models and using spreadsheets.

Stop wasting time updating data in Excel and free up valuable time.

CashApp will automatically

  • Sync with your QuickBooks Online account in real time
  • Organize and display your accounts, transactions, and future cash flow forecast
  • Auto-detect and classify recurring transactions for modeling future cash flow
  • Auto-detect outstanding invoices and overdue payments
  • Use historical data to intelligently predict future cash flow
  • Create accurate budgets and compare actual vs budgeted amounts

Crucial Business Decisions Made EASY

When you are going to run out of money!

When to pay bills

When to seek financing

When to purchase

When to take cash out of the business

What sales targets to set

When to hire

The CashApp will help you know


You spend hours in Excel building models and updating spreadsheets to forecast your cashflow. Everything is manual, clunky, repetitive, and you never have a timely and reliable overview of how much cash your business has available.


Budgeting, Forecasting, and Managing your Cash is seamless. Everything is automated and synced inside CashApp. You never have to rely on manual spreadsheets again! 

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