Bots capture data from scanned receipts and invoices.

Bots help users capture most data from scanned receipts and invoices.  Bots use OCR along with machine learning algorithms to deduce invoice items that are essential to the AP process. 

Bots extracted relevant data and then present it for approval. 

Automatically tie Invoices to POs/SOs/Payments

Bots review the invoice amount, date, and other pertinent details to tie invoices to purchase order(s), sales order(s), or payment(s) in your ERP system. 

Bots can handle paying an invoice with multiple payments. 

Bots also account for amount variances due to transaction fees such as credit card processing charges, wire fees, etc. 

Eliminate all manual reconciliation work.

Automate invoice creation.

Bots read PDF invoices then automatically code and enter them in the accounting software.

This eliminates up 90% of manual data entry work typically done by AP personnel in accounting departments.

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