18 Benefits of Plena Data

Benefits of Plena Data

When you pick out an iPhone, you pretty much know what you are getting. The same can be said about getting Netflix or even purchasing a Snuggie. You know exactly how the product or subscription will make your life easier and more comfortable.

Let’s detail what Plena Data will do for you and your bottom line. We will breakdown the benefits by category: Reporting, Cost Reduction, Data Reliability, & Scalability.

Remember the following benefits are possible because we INTEGRATE all your data sources into ONE TABLE.


Continuous and accurate reporting is integral to the success and growth of your company.  The Plena Data Platform will enable team members at all levels in the following ways.

  1. Make Better Decisions– Managers make the best decisions when combining intuition with live data. Neglecting this balance could lead to bad business moves. Plena Data provides decision makers with perfectly integrated information and real-time data, enabling them to make successful, business decisions.
  2. Identify New Revenue Channels- When properly visualized, integrated data is the key to killing bad campaigns and picking successful strategies.
  3. Track KPIs- Get alerts and notifications every time your metrics drop below or go above pre-specified criteria. You set the criteria according to your business logic. For example, you may desire an alert when the KPI for Revenue per Hour spikes by 25% or drops by 50%.
  4. Visualize Your Business- Receive instant answers to standard business questions. With automated insights, the Plena Data platform will help you ask questions you didn’t even know you had. You don’t know what you don’t know. We can fix that.
  5. Give Everyone Access- Okay, maybe not everybody.  The idea is to help people in your organization make better decisions by giving them access to real-time reports.
  6. Turn Information Into Profit- Get a 360° view of your customers. Drill down customer profiles with pinpoint accuracy so that your team can push the right deals into the right markets at the right time.
  7. Better Manage Inventory- Plena Data’s BI tool delivers savings on inventory. Recognize perfect order sizes, better forecast sales, and detect anomalies in your inventory management. Perfect your supply chain.
  8. Get results instantly- Thanks to our real-time, aggregation capabilities, your billions of rows of data will be computed in milliseconds. Your query results can now be seen at lightning speeds.
  9. Allocate Resources Better- Visualize integrated metrics across departments to know where to focus your energy. For example, the data will guide you when making improvements to capital allocation and talent acquisition.
  10. Improve Teamwork- Create data-driven dialogue and discussion between individuals and teams. Facilitate a culture of success.


Plena Data will save you money in the following arenas.

  1.  Data Storage- The Plena Data Platform will highlight ineffective data architecture in your system. Specifically, we can help you find duplicate and unnecessary copies of the same data.  Do you really want to pay twice for the same data? Let us help you do some spring cleaning.
  2.  Scalability- Regardless of your company’s growth rate, the amount of data you process and store will only grow with time. With this inevitable increase in data flow, rely on Plena Data’s Platform to avoid costly mistakes associated with data growth. Steer clear of pricey bottlenecks in your system’s framework that will cause delays in data processing.
  3. Infrastructure Maintenance- It is a well established fact that maintaining existing services (versus developing new capabilities) consumes about 70% of the typical enterprise IT budget. The Plena Data Platform reduces costs on legacy applications. This frees up budget to take on new projects required for revenue-generating expansion.
  4. New Software/Applications- One major advantage of using Plena Data’s Single Table is that new programs and applications can be seamlessly integrated into the Platform. Our Single Table architecture acts as a catalyst for the development and implementation of new software.


Data is the lifeblood of your business. Invest in it. Protect it.  

  1. Discourage Inaccurate Data- If you are like 99% of organizations, dirty data may be pervasive throughout your IT system. Purging corrupt values and de-duplicating data becomes a project in and of itself. Because the Plena Data Platform integrates all of your data onto One Table, dismissing duplications and organizing your data becomes a breeze.
  2. Integration Encourages Accuracy- Because companies use individualized software across departments, your data lives in many different places. This structure leaves room for reporting errors in that an all-inclusive report is the sum of many separate and fragmented queries. Plena Data does not replace your chosen software. Rather, Plena Data will maintain an aggregated copy of all data as the SSOT.  With the Platform in place, you are no longer vulnerable to the problems of multiple query reporting. Generate reports from your SSOT and watch the magic happen.


Having scalable IT infrastructure that can manage copious amounts of data is a prerequisite for any successful company.

  1. Avoid the Crash- History shows that when an IT infrastructure is unable to handle 3X the maximum projected workload, software, web applications and databases are bound to collapse. Recovering from such disasters is extremely costly and resource intensive. The Plena Data Platform helps you avoid the crash by building scalable options into your infrastructure. Don’t run your data on a system that has no room for scalability. It would be an albatross around the neck of your organization.
  2. Don’t Wear the Scarlet Letter- Many organizations currently wear the scarlet letter of Unscalability. Their IT systems are riddled with design flaws limiting dynamic expansion. If your data architecture lacks the key components of scalability, we can help. Plena Data’s Single Table Integration is a seamless way to resolve scaling issues without going back to the drawing board. Don’t pay through the nose to rebuild your system.



If you don’t enjoy growth, revenue, accuracy, and scalability, Plena Data probably isn’t for you.  It’s just not.

We are looking for companies excited about the future of data. Worldwide data creation is doubling every 18 months and that rate will only increase.  We want to provide developers and managers with the tools they need to thrive in increasingly competitive markets.  

Plena Data offers a compelling case. We want to take your Reporting to the next level.  We can Reduce Your Data Costs and provide your organization with Reliable and Scalable solutions.