Don’t Outsource it. Automate it. 

Automate up to 90% of your Accounting Operations.

The Premier Spreadsheet Automation Company

Are you manually updating spreadsheets?


You spend a significant amount of time in Excel crunching numbers, closing the books, building models, and reporting. Your spreadsheets are repetitive, manual, and difficult to maintain. They get complex and demand more resources overtime. 


You download your pre-built spreadsheets that have been customized to your specifications. Your data flow has been automated and your spreadsheets are updated in real time.


#1 Select your data sources

Tell us where the data in your spreadsheets originates from - accounting system, sales software, CRM, ERP, payment processing, e-commerce platform, other.

#2 Upload your spreadsheets

Send us examples/templates of your spreadsheets. Our engineers will work with you to understand the business logic and data flow into the spreadsheets.

#3 Voila!

Download your pre-built spreadsheets with the most up-to-date data, anytime, anywhere and in any format. You can also use our complimentary dashboard to analyze your data.

Automate your Accounting and Financial Operations

Automate your processes

Cost Savings

Automated data flow will save you money.

Save Hundreds of Hours 

Your Accounting and Financial reports can be automated by Plena Data.

100% Reliable Data

Accurate and Reliable data are key to scaling your business.

Why Plena Data?

Data Security

Your data is secured using best in class encryption, firewalls, and virtual private networks.

Custom Solutions

We build a custom solution uniquely tailored to your specific needs.

1-Click Download

Access all your spreadsheets and reports through our "1-click download" portal.

Real Time

Access real time data in any format you want.

Systems Integration

We integrate any system or software and can handle any number of data sources.

Data Accuracy

We ensure that your data is 100% accurate.

Eliminate manual and repetitive spreadsheet work

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