Robotic Process Automation for everyone

Thousands of CFOs and accountants rely on Bots

Reconciliation Bot

Automatically reconciling 1000+ transactions each day.

Integration Bot

- Bots make any two systems talk to each other.
- Fully customizable Bots working at lightning speed.

Month-End Close Bot

- The entire close process takes less than a day.
- Bots execute 95% of the items in the month-end close checklist, saving weeks of tedious work.

Spreadsheet Bot

- Bots build, update, and format spreadsheets.
- Bots save you hundreds of hours/month - time that was previously spent crunching numbers, building reports, and aggregating data in Excel.
- You can delegate your spreadsheet tasks to Bots.

Financial Reporting Bot

- Bots automate the entire process of gathering, processing, auditing, and reporting financial data.
-Bots are running massive financial departments ($100M+) with complete accuracy!

Revenue Recognition Bot

- Bots save you from expensive consulting fees.
- Bots extract data directly from the source, apply deferred revenue logic (like ASC 606), and automatically create journal entries.

Commission Bot

- Bots automatically apply commission rules to complex and time consuming reports.
- Bots send commission reports to sales reps and provide them a detailed breakdown of their numbers.

Bookkeeping Bot

- Bots automatically classify & record transactions from banks, credit cards, payment processors, etc., into the accounting software.
- Bots follow the exact rules/logic/procedure provided by you.
- Stop outsourcing bookkeeping, just automate it!

AP & AR Bot

- Bots extract & read data from PDF invoices and enter all relevant fields into the accounting software.
- Bots reduce data entry by 90%.


Users currently live in California, Utah, Arizona, Washington, Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Australia!

Robotic Process Automation

Use Bots to automate your accounting department


  • Bookkeeping Bot
  • PDF Invoice Data Entry Bot
  • Reconciliation Bot
  • Revenue Recognition Bot
  • Month-end Close Bot
  • Audit-Ready Financial Reports Bot
  • FP&A Bot
  • Taxes Bot


  • Transactions ↔ ERP
  • Sales Orders↔ ERP
  • Expenses ↔ ERP
  • Any System ↔ ERP


  • Commissions & Payroll
  • Operations Spreadsheets
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Any Custom Spreadsheet

What Our Clients Have to Say

How it Works

1: Define your process

We replicate your current process exactly. Our RPA Platform is able to connect to any data source.

2: Unleash the bots

We train bots to automate your manual processes. No matter how complex your process is, a bot can automate it.

3: Voila!

Work side by side with the bots to review and approve each output. You can change processes, systems, or formats anytime!

Nothing is more valuable than your time

Automate your processes with Bots

Cost Savings

Accounting is a cost center and eats into your margins. Automate with Bots.

Save Hundreds of Hours 

Reclaim your time. Let Bots do the work.

100% Reliable Data

Bots never arrive late or get sick. They are 100% reliable and accurate. 

Why Plena Data?


Everything we build is custom for you

Any Data Source

We pull and push data ANYWHERE

Robust Platform

Our platform is built to handle your complexity

100% Money-back Guarantee

No questions asked

Accounting Expertise

We partner with prestigious accounting firms

Unbeatable Price

You won't find Bots for better prices

Eliminate manual and repetitive spreadsheet work

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