Streamline your Data Flow
Eliminate Manual Processes

Plena Data is your analyst on STEROIDS


90% Cost Reduction

Teams spend countless hours gathering, cleaning, and reporting on data. We convert these processes into code and saves you thousands of hours.


30% Time Saved

All tedious and complex processes are automated; your team is free to grow your business.


100% Reliable Data

We eliminate human errors and delayed data. Now you can make decisions with 100% confidence.


Data Warehouse

We will setup an auto-refresh Data Warehouse. It will centralize data from all applications and link related data points. The Plena Data Warehouse specializes in being modular, scalable and highly customizable.

Excel Jobs

Excel jobs can be boring, repetitive, and time consuming. The process of doing data entry, formatting, report building, pivot tables, filters, and macros can all be automated using our platform. We will generate your Excel/Google Sheet file within seconds – with the most recent data – just the way you want it.


Let Plena Data manage, integrate, and simplify the reporting at your company. Multiple reporting softwares? Hand-operated reports? Ignored, overlooked, and inaccurate reporting and data? We can fix that.

Data Transfer

Move data seamlessly between software systems with Plena Data. We will automate this process to make your data ingestible into any system regardless of the format.


Monitor your metrics 24×7. Receive Email/Text/Slack alerts for critical events. Track and log events that are important to your company.

Data Auditing

Uncover dirty, duplicate, and defective data. Plena Data will automate your clean-up process.    |    509.627.9333