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SAVE 70% of your TIME by using Robots!

The Premier Automation Platform

How can bots change your life?


  • Manually updating (ANY) spreadsheet
  • Manual data entry for PDF Invoices
  • Countless hours spent on Reconciliation
  • Manually creating Journal Entries
  • Gathering, cleaning & compiling data for Reports
  • Systems don’t talk to each otherĀ 


  • Robots build & update all your spreadsheets
  • No more manual data entry
  • Automated reconciliation- only manage exceptions
  • Automated Journal Entries and Month End Close
  • One-click Report download
  • Fully customized integrationsĀ 


1: Define your process

We replicate your current process exactly. Our automation platform is fully customizable to your processes or systems or even data formats!

2: Unleash the bots

We will train & setup robots using our platform to repeat exactly what you were doing. No matter how complex your process is, we've a bot that can do it.

3: Voila!

Review and approve the outputs once a month. You can change processes/systems/formats anytime!

Nothing is more valuable than your time

Automate your processes

Cost Savings

Manual back-office processes eat into your margins. Do more, with less.

Save Hundreds of HoursĀ 

Reclaim your time. Let the bots do all the work.

100% Reliable Data

Accurate and Reliable data is invaluable.

The Platform

Data Security

Your data is secured using best in class encryption, firewalls, and virtual private networks.

Custom Solutions

We build a custom solution uniquely tailored to your specific needs.

1-Click Download

Access all your spreadsheets and reports through our "1-click download" portal.

Real Time

Access real time data in any format you want.

Systems Integration

We integrate any system or software and can handle any number of data sources.

Data Accuracy

We ensure that your data is 100% accurate.

Eliminate manual and repetitive spreadsheet work

Contact Us

Ā hello@plenadata.comĀ