Robotic Process Automation

Thousands of CFOs and accountants rely on Bots

Nothing is more valuable than your time

Automate your processes with bots

Cost Savings

Accounting is a cost center and eats into your margins. Automate with bots.

Save Hundreds of Hours 

Reclaim your time. Let bots do the work.

100% Reliable Data

Bots never arrive late or get sick. They are 100% reliable and accurate.

How it Works

1: Define your process

We replicate your current process exactly. Our RPA Platform is able to connect to any data source.

2: Unleash the bots

We train bots to automate your manual processes. No matter how complex your process is, a bot can automate it.

3: Voila!

Work side-by-side the bots to review and approve each output. You can change processes, systems, or formats anytime!

Robotic Process Automation

Use bots to automate your accounting department


  • Bookkeeping Bot
  • PDF Invoice Data Entry Bot
  • Reconciliation Bot
  • Revenue Recognition Bot
  • Month-end Close Bot
  • Audit-Ready Financial Reports Bot
  • FP&A Bot
  • Taxes Bot


  • Transactions ↔ ERP
  • Sales Orders↔ ERP
  • Expenses ↔ ERP
  • Any System ↔ ERP


  • Commissions & Payroll
  • Operations Spreadsheets
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Any Custom Spreadsheet

Users currently live in California, Utah, Arizona, Washington, Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Australia!

Reconciliation Bot

Automatically reconciling 1000+ transactions each day.

Integration Bot

- Bots make any two systems talk to each other.
- Fully customizable Bots working at lightning speed.

Month-End Close Bot

- The entire close process takes less than a day.
- Bots execute 95% of the items in the month-end close checklist, saving weeks of tedious work.

Spreadsheet Bot

- Bots build, update, and format spreadsheets.
- Bots save you hundreds of hours/month - time that was previously spent crunching numbers, building reports, and aggregating data in Excel.
- You can delegate your spreadsheet tasks to Bots.

Financial Reporting Bot

- Bots automate the entire process of gathering, processing, auditing, and reporting financial data.
-Bots are running massive financial departments ($100M+) with complete accuracy!

Revenue Recognition Bot

- Bots save you from expensive consulting fees.
- Bots extract data directly from the source, apply deferred revenue logic (like ASC 606), and automatically create journal entries.

Commission Bot

- Bots automatically apply commission rules to complex and time consuming reports.
- Bots send commission reports to sales reps and provide them a detailed breakdown of their numbers.

Bookkeeping Bot

- Bots automatically classify & record transactions from banks, credit cards, payment processors, etc., into the accounting software.
- Bots follow the exact rules/logic/procedure provided by you.
- Stop outsourcing bookkeeping, just automate it!

AP & AR Bot

- Bots extract & read data from PDF invoices and enter all relevant fields into the accounting software.
- Bots reduce data entry by 90%.


Why Plena Data?


Everything we build is custom for you

Any Data Source

We pull and push data ANYWHERE

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Our platform is built to handle your complexity

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